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Christina ForsonChristina Forson

Hello, sorry for the late submission. Considering the times we are in and the general demand of the final user of a chart today, the way to improve it would be:

Idea of product improved:

– Adjustable chart with automatic handle sanitizer and inbuilt digital scanner.
The chart has a digital screen and scanner so it alerts you of the total amount of the grocery you have in your chart and weight. Also it will alert you on the state of hygiene of the handle.
– you can also check availability of charts of the store and status of hygiene of the chosen chart from the app Mychart.

App Mychart has double user:

– customer that physically uses chart for grocery —-> personal use
– store management —-> commercial use.
The store can recruit data though the app and understand trends of the clients which will also contribuite in improving the marketing strategy and also track the chart in case of theft.

The improved chart:
1. Has to be capacious
2. Easy to pull/push in all directions
3. Adjustable (tree levels of depth where the first offers less capacity so it would be ideal for quick groceries and also would facilitate the reach when unloading the grocery on the counter. The second level will offer a medium capacity and third, full capacity)
4. In built extension of chair for kid (possible to use when chart is open to it full capacity. It guarantees more safety and space for the kid)
5. Hygiene: in built sensor on the handle of the chart that detects number of times the handle has been touched and after 20 touches it will require to be sanitised.
How?: the handle of the chart is made with BKM device. BKM devices are electron generators capable of eliminating viruses and bacteria present in the environment.
They spread a dense network of molecules (ROS – Reactive Oxygen Species) that purify the surface of the handle of the chart (in this case).
The oxidants produced by the AHMPP system are deadly for pathogens but do not harm either people or pets, as they are non-toxic.

This technology, based on the release of disintegrating particles into the air, is also “green”, because it allows for significant energy savings, not using energy-intensive high-efficiency filters.

The client will be alerted by the little monitor on the handle and can press on “sanitise my chart” to “refresh” the handle. Every “refresh” is registered so all clients using Mychart App know the last time the chart they are using was sanitised or if it needs to be sanitised.

Can client use the chart without Mychart App use the chart? Yes they can still use the chart by screening qrcode on the handle of the chart which allows them to unlock chart from deposit. It could work also with a smart watch.
What if client has no technological device? This chart is designed to be tech and modern so client with no tech device will not be able to unlock chart from deposit.